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Body de spandex de poliéster sólido sin mangas con decoración ahuecada y cuello en V


Material: Poliéster
Material: Nylon
Material: Spandex
Tipo: Monos < br> Tipo de tela: Tejido
Tipo de patrón: Sólido
Tipo de ajuste: Delgado
Decoración: < / b> Ahuecar
Tipo de tela: Tejer

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Customer Reviews

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Kate (Kirkland, CA)
So different, comfortable, flattering and fun

It was part of my first time purchase of a few items from Maimoco - I am 120lbs, fit, 5’5”, got the XS, measurements, details and description online are super accurate. I got it on a good discount and was lucky because the quality is amazing, it holds in the right places and is low cut or loose enough in the right places too. It is such a relief to be able to wear it as a bathing suit and even out as a top - you don’t need layers, underwear or other support for the chest. Your back feels free and it’s soothing to have it wrap around and down the shoulders. I love the green, it is warm and tight so if you sweat, maybe the white is not the best choice. I wash it gentle cycle and only hang to dry but it is tough and good quality thick elastic as the material. Label says dry clean, I am super careful with my laundry. It doesn’t feel like it will deteriorate anytime soon.
Totally recommend for swimming or fun winter holiday party top mixed with bottoms and layers. I look forward to keeping this statement piece a long time. xo