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So different, comfortable, flattering and fun

It was part of my first time purchase of a few items from Maimoco - I am 120lbs, fit, 5’5”, got the XS, measurements, details and description online are super accurate. I got it on a good discount and was lucky because the quality is amazing, it holds in the right places and is low cut or loose enough in the right places too. It is such a relief to be able to wear it as a bathing suit and even out as a top - you don’t need layers, underwear or other support for the chest. Your back feels free and it’s soothing to have it wrap around and down the shoulders. I love the green, it is warm and tight so if you sweat, maybe the white is not the best choice. I wash it gentle cycle and only hang to dry but it is tough and good quality thick elastic as the material. Label says dry clean, I am super careful with my laundry. It doesn’t feel like it will deteriorate anytime soon.
Totally recommend for swimming or fun winter holiday party top mixed with bottoms and layers. I look forward to keeping this statement piece a long time. xo

Cute and sexy!

Cute and sexy and a perfect fit! A really great and fun dress for the price.

Excellent work bodysuit

Fit perfectly and I’m small and ordered a size 8. Great for the office or at home. I wish this came in more colors as I would order a lot more.

Route Package Protection
Jesica Carthy

This look amazing on me

Route Package Protection
Cecilia Marland
Lovely skirt

Very pretty colour , fabric not what i expected but nice still

A Place To Remember Shirt
Gildete Presnell

I really liked my shirt but it was a little tight next time I should buy a bigger size or lose a few pounds

Perfect fit, so sexy to wear.

No ha llegado

Foxy shoes

Keeps my feet warm comfortable to wear.

Cherry Loafer Shoes
Cleon Furlong

Great price quick delivery and great comfort fit

Route Package Protection
Araceli Grimaldo Márquez
Big but pretty

Qualoty is really good. But the measurements are not ok. I bought another design too and both are one size bigger than indicated. Will have to fix them

Shoes are great for my event

Route Package Protection
Sophia Redding

The shipping was right on time. I love it


The fabric is not my fav though the dress looks amazing when you were it. Its so elegant and fits perfectly.

Say My Name Bodysuit
Araceli Grimaldo Márquez

It's beautiful. Quality is great. I chose XL because my bust is 92 but it should have been X. Other than that it's perfect.


Was beautiful 😍 and I love ❤ was quick


The quality of the clothes is very good and no complaints. The only issue was with two cancellations with no real explanation we would have liked an option of other items rather than a refund. And not too many XS choices.

lace miniskirt

Fun and sexy skirt. Worn with seamless pantyhose.

lace miniskirt

Fun and sexy skirt...worn with seamless pantyhose

nice skirt

Out of the 4 items I purchased, only 3 arrived and not worth the money exvept this. It is a nice skirt but I don’t know how to tie it to see the shorter skirt on my legs. It’s funny and seems I try going round and round but still hiding the shorter portion.

not bad

It looks like the picture. The neck area is super tight so if u have a big head u won’t be able to wear this. Also it does look good but it’s not worth this price and it’s made. U can get this from cheaper China website


These earrings are stunning!
Excellent service.
My new go to for statement earrings.